Under Eye Skin Peel

under eye skin peel

Dermalogica Pro Power Eye Peel 30 mins

New Pro Power Eye Peel is a concentrated eye patch that brightens the under eye skin, helps even skin tone and texture, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful yet gentle eye peel features ingredients that encourages cell turnover – resulting in an epidermal renewal. Paired with CACI micro current to lift and firm the muscles around the eye where you may lose definition as you age and develop ‘hooded eye lids, to achieve a lifted brow.

Pro Flash Eye Treatment – Add On 20 mins

Add this to any Dermalogica Skin Treatment to brightens under eye skin, help even skin tone and texture and minimises appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A Test Patch must be carried out 24 hours before treatment.

Skin Peels Prices


Students and OAP

New Patient Initial Assessment and Treatment (up to 45 mins)



Follow Up Appointment (up to 30 mins)



Prepayment plan, pay for 5 treatments and have 6

£275 for 6 treatments = £45.83 per session