Myofascial Release Massage

myofacial release massage

Myofascial release works with the fascia tissue in the body.

This is a very strong and sticky connective tissue that is found throughout your body and is often found to be the source of pain. The fascia tissue can bind together resulting in restricted movement and deep routed muscle memory.

If your posture remains the same, or a muscle group is inactive, for a length of time. The fascia will bind and lay down more collagen. Therefore, releasing the muscles is not always enough as the fascia may still be stuck. Which means that the muscles can quickly return to their previous pattern of movement.

Likewise, if the body experiences trauma eg: a car accident, a fall or sports injury, inflammation or scarring and even emotional trauma, the fascia tissue will lose its pliability and can become dehydrated and hard. Laying down extra fibres and creating adhesions both through and between the muscles. This in turn leads to restrictions and limited movement.

Indirect myofascial release is a very gentle but extremely effective treatment.

Mysofascial Release Massage Prices

Appointment Time


60 Minutes


Prepayment plan, pay for 5 treatments and have 6

6 x 1 hour massages

£325 for 6 treatments, £54.16 per session

75 minutes


90 minutes