Face Reflexology


The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help you improve your health and wellbeing, it can provide you with a healthy glow which can help you to look better and younger.

The face will look and feel smoother and more toned as circulation is improved and muscle tension is reduced. With all the benefits and principles of foot reflexology combined with the luxurious feel of a facial treatment, excellent for headaches, sinus pains and stress relief.

Benefits Of Facial Reflexology

  • Aims to relieve the effects of stress.
  • Aims to improve circulation to the face and head area.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage aiding the removal of waste products and toxins.
  • Relieves tension in the muscle tissue.
  • Relieves mental strain and improves concentration.
  • Helps relieve sinusitis/congestion.
  • Has a direct rejuvenating effect of the skin and leaves the face glowing and radiant.
  • May bring about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation.
  • May relieve symptoms caused by neurological or nervous system disorder.

Face Reflexology Prices

Service Appointment Time Cost
Reflexology 60 minutes £65
Pay for 5 and get 6 £325 (£54.16 a session)
Face Reflexology 60 minutes £70