Sole Delight Foot Treatment

foot treatment addlestone

Put a spring in your step with this luxurious and nourishing foot and leg treatment.

  • Warm Towels and Coconut Oils:¬†Starting with warm towels can help relax the feet and prepare the skin for the subsequent steps. The use of coconut oil adds nourishment and a pleasant tropical aroma, enhancing the overall sensory experience.
  • Foot and Leg Exfoliation with Coconut Foot Scrub: Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells and promoting smoother, softer skin. The incorporation of a coconut foot scrub not only provides exfoliation but also contributes to a refreshing sensation.
  • Relaxing Leg and Foot Massage: Following exfoliation, a massage with a focus on both the feet and legs adds a therapeutic and soothing element. The massage helps relieve tension, improve circulation, and promotes overall relaxation.

An holistic approach, combining exfoliation, massage, and nourishment to rejuvenate tired feet and legs; not only addresses physical fatigue but also a luxurious foot and leg treatment.

Sole Delight Foot Treatment - 30 mins - £45